February 23 to February 26, 2023

ConVocation 2023

Finding our Balance, Maintaining our Center

at Dearborn Double Tree Hotel

ConVocation is a convention of the many mystical spiritual paths and faiths and the people that follow them who desire to teach each other and promote fellowship among all esoteric traditions.

Since 1995, this 4-day event has brought together over 100 classes and rituals presented by local instructors, internationally renowned guest speakers and authors. Along with workshops, ConVocation offers over 35 tables of merchandise in our Merchant Room, an Art Show and the largest indoor Drum Circle in the Midwest.

For 2023, we decided to combine two sephiroths - Tiferet and Netzach - which gives us the completion of a cycle. Tiferet is about finding balance or the AND in life - black and white, right and wrong, etc. Shades of gray, really. Netzach is about coming out of hardship through endurance into completion. By combining the two we complete the cycle between these two sephiroths and move ConVocation forward in time with the world around us and in step with our community.

Finding our Balance, Maintaining our Center.

Tiferet is also “balance,” as it’s the balance between Chesed (love) and Gevurah (discipline) and endurance is also important in balance. The endurance of Netzach allows us to maintain the center of our balance found in Tiferet, whereas Tiferet allows us to find the endurance within Netzach.

This can be seen in our world and within our community fairly easily - the massive social, political, physical upheaval of recent times has radically changed the perspective and future of our country and our worlds. We are striking a new balance globally and demanding that it be maintained. We are also learning how to endure through the worst global health crisis in over 100 years with the pandemic - it is a trial by fire that most of the people currently alive have never had to face and the stresses of it are causing a rapid and critical examination of the social contract.

By combining the two sephiroths we take two steps forward allowing our community to come together to both celebrate and mourn the past while keeping our eyes on a better tomorrow.

A four-day event of talks, activities, and workshops

Arts & Crafts

Providing education for all ages, ConVocation has put together a collection of classes that are geared specifically for young children to young adults in hopes of finding creative ways for all ages to explore their esoteric curiosities.

Social Bonding

In the past, ConVocation has hosted hundreds of people who all share similar beliefs, the biggest one being the joys of community. Social circles around individuals have been given the opportunity to grow, and new ideals are shared with any who are willing to listen.


The Art Show and Merchant Room boasts a plethora of artists and crafters that bring forth their work to share with the public. The artists themselves are always welcome to questions and information shared to patrons.


ConVocation is home to many different areas of work and congoers have opened their hearts (and circles) to the public. Various rituals are presented through the day and often accompany a class on similar subjects so that education is always within reach.