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A word from our MEC Board of Directors

Convocation event is steadfastly motivated by a desire to create an even more interconnected, engaged, and supportive community. We are fully dedicated to achieving this through ongoing collaboration, continuous learning, and the nurturing of authentic relationships. We pledge this through intuitive awareness and commitment of our:

Goals Statement:

The primary goal of the Convocation event is to cultivate a vibrant and knitted community among individuals who honor and align with mystical and esoteric Paths. We aim to foster this community by facilitating the exchange of knowledge, shared experiences, and deep fellowship.

 Vision Statement:

Our vision for the Convocation event is to create a community that is profoundly interconnected, genuinely engaged, and unwaveringly supportive. We envision an environment where collaboration is the norm, learning opportunities abound, and authentic relationships flourish among all participants.

 Commitment Statement:

The Convocation event is deeply committed to upholding our core values of Community Involvement, Education, and Fellowship. We place a high priority on community engagement, and our dedicated Council board members actively work to serve the needs of our community. They strive to build partnerships and collaborate with community members, organizations, and stakeholders to achieve shared objectives. We are equally committed to the value of education, seeking to create opportunities for both personal and communal growth. Our commitment extends to prioritizing programs and initiatives that promote education and skill-building.


Fellowship is at the heart of our commitment. Council board members value fellowship, and we prioritize the creation of strong relationships and a profound sense of community among our board members and the wider community. This emphasis leads us to prioritize social events, team-building activities, and various initiatives that foster connections and a profound sense of belonging.

Thank you all for making ConVocation what is it today; a wonderful culmination of MEC, staff members,
volunteers, donors, sponsors, and most of all... our guest!