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ConVocation 2024 Sponsors

Artes & Crafts

A bazaar of the very best, gathered from places such as the wonderfully esoteric Glastonbury, Cornwall, the east and west coasts of the coast and the pagan markets of Mexico, and more. Our shop is a community resource.

Celtic Readings

We are a Michigan based Psychic Reading Group based out of Michigan that travel to locations all over the state. Our readings are available online Via Video and home parties.

Coventry Creations

Located in Ferndale, MI, we make all of our candles by hand using our own expertly formulated recipes and all-natural ingredients. At Coventry Creations, our motto is: No matter your need or challenge, we have a candle for that!

Crossed Crow Books

Independent publishers of occult books specializing in Witchcraft rituals, magic, divination, spirit work, and the overall practice of Witchcraft. Each Witch has a voice, and we'd like to help as many as we can to express their voice by way of the written word.

Evenstar's Chalice

It is a metaphysical “shop” with meaning and purpose. It is an invitation to explore, learn, truly connect with others and to nourish your Soul.

Keys to Manifestation

Believing that everyone is capable of manifesting their own reality. Browse our offerings from local artists, as well as the products and supplies that will help you make your own style and magick.

Omni Temple

Our temple is a transient space held online and in person when like-minded individuals come together to celebrate and learn from the collective unconscious.

Oracle's Apothecary

We pick the best ingredients for our skin and home care, and we locally source whenever possible. We want you to have the best on your skin and in your home while doing your spiritual maintenance.

Hell in a Yarn Basket

Take a look and some of the fashionable items available in the store! Stitchery where you can authentically say it's “MADE IN HELL”.

Queen City Curio & Apothecary

A hub for esoteric, occult and spiritual things taking a no-drama-inclusive approach to all spiritual paths, offering products, education and various services to support your needs for results-driven spirituality.

Spiral Moon Family Circle

Our somewhat eclectic Pagan tradition is based in family being the first and most common ritual space, and in “home religion” rather than public practice.

Weavers of the Web

We aim to provide the community support and public ritual structure so that all Wiccans and pagans can celebrate and worship together, at all ages and stages of life.

World Trendz

Empowering you to embrace your spiritual journey, emotional wellness and inner beauty with hand-curated gifts from around the world. Nurture your spiritual and emotional.

Amber Fox

Annies Attic and Finds

Behind The Purple Door

Casting Destiny

Concoctions By Devlin


Divine Goddess Jewelry

Dream Walker

Emotional Baggage 

Heidi Sutton

Hell in a Yarn Basket

Henna Leaf, Holistic Arts Studio

Iridescent Artistry

Lotions Potions & Notions

Open Chest Studio

Our Petite Morte

Satyric Designs

Seams Witchy

The Silk Road Clothier

The Silver Penny

Studio Pandemonia

Event Partners

Pagans in Need

A food pantry filled and maintained by Community supporters to meet the needs of those who might be turned away from other source. 


Michigan Witches Ball

Annual Michigan Witches Ball, a not for profit dance promoting religious tolerance Samhain season.