MEC Raffle

Convocation’s teacup raffle is a yearly staple. Each donation or ticket purchased strengthens both the Magical Education Council and the greater community! Items donated by Pagan-friendly businesses and individuals stay on exhibit thru the event, until just before live raffle call Saturday evening. Just one dollar is all it takes for a chance at the raffle items you love best!

How It Works: Tickets can be purchased at the event. Your badge number is written on the lined side of the ticket, and that ticket is dropped into the ‘teacup’ for the raffle items you desire. You keep the other half of the ticket. When your badge number is called during raffle, you’ve won!

Prospective Donors: Clean, new or gently used items of interest to the Convocation participants may be accepted ahead of the event by opening an email chat with Musical instruments, ritual ware, books, decks and candles, jewelry, artwork, gift cards or gift baskets are gratefully accepted. Space will be available next to the donated item for your company’s pamphlets, QR codes or business cards.

MEC is a 501(c)(3) and tax receipts are available upon request. MEC reserves the right to use donated items in the way that best serves the organization and the community. Items donated may be combined with other donations or saved for future events. Please contact to make arrangements ahead of the event, so that we may properly log items, and have sufficient time to prepare the space and attend to other activities such as ticket sales. We do have a maximum number of items that can be placed each year, so that raffle call does not extend past its allotted timeslot. We appreciate advance notice and arrangements for pickup ahead of the event. Donations received after 2 PM Friday during the event may be reserved for future events, combined with existing items, or else regretfully refused. To avoid forfeited tickets, badge number must be written on the lined side of the raffle ticket and badge number must be available during raffle call. Minors without badge numbers should write first name and badge number of parent or guardian on ticket. The badge number must be present to win. For those who cannot attend the live raffle, write badge number of the ‘kept’ side of the tickets and find a surrogate to hold tickets during their attendance.