Here are some of our Frequently Asked Questions...

Q:  How do I Pre-Register?

A:  You can register on-line through Sched and pay with any major credit card via Stripe. Stripe is a world leader in payment processing that functions similar to PayPal.


Q:  How do book a hotel room? (TBA)

A:  You can access the Ypsilanti Eagle Crest Hotel book site by following: 

MEC ConVocation - Start your reservation (passkey.com) 

Q:  Do I need to sign up for classes?

A:  No.  Your badge gains you access to all ConVocation functions, programs, and classes.

Q:  Will I get mailed tickets when I pre-Register?

A:  No.  If you are pre-Registered, you just need to show up to Con, go to the main Assembly Area and get in the Pre-Registration line. We will look you up by the name you pre-Registered under and give you your materials and badge for the weekend.  

Q:  Can I pre-Register for a 1, 2, or 3 day pass?

A:  No, we only take pre-Registrations for full 4-day badges, for adults, youth (12-17) and children (11 and under).  All other types of registrations are available at the door only.

Q:  Are discounts available?

A: You may volunteer at the convention and earn a reimbursement of all or a portion of your registration fee.  See our Volunteering section for details.

Q:  Will food be available?

A:  In additions to the hotel restaurant, a map will be provided in the program book to the Hospitality Suite..

Q:  Can I donate food to the Hospitality Suite?

A:  Yes, please limit your donations to fruits with peels, and prepackaged foods such as chips, crackers, desserts or the like.  We cannot accept any donations that need to be heated or cooked or are homemade.

Q:  Will I know if a class has been moved/ canceled?

A:  There is a bulletin board outside Ops (Operations) in the main assembly area that will have announcement of any changes to the schedule along with a daily grid. Changes will also be posted to Sched.

Q:  Do you have childcare?

A:  No. We are not licensed or inspected and cannot provide childcare.  We have classes designed for children, check class descriptions for recommended ages.  All children must be signed in and out of EACH class.