Class Submission Info


In order to ensure as much variety as possible our programming team will only select a maximum of 3 classes or rituals from each presenter.
Presenters who are chosen will be notified by email to the email address they provide. 

Now for the fun stuff - For each class or ritual chosen a certain amount of your badge price is reduced. The amount reduced depends on whether it is a class or ritual. A ritual reduces the price by 2/3, a standard class by 1/3, and a 3 hour class by 2/3. Children's classes are counted at 2/3 as well unless split with a second teacher. 

Standard class blocks are 90 minutes long. 

Pro tip - classes and rituals that relate to the theme for that year's ConVocation are more likely to be selected. You can find that theme on the front page of the website and for a more in depth explanation please look at our Facebook page!

CLASSES SUBMITTED WITHOUT A BIO WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED. You only need to submit your bio once, just make sure to use to the same email as you do for your class submissions.  

Thank you for taking the time and effort to help us further our aim of educating the community!

Please click on the links below to submit your classes and bio.

Class submissions for Convocation 2024 are open! Click Here