One of the best ways to meet people at ConVocation is to become one of our Volunteers. You'll have the opportunity to see what's happening behind the scenes at the convention, meet the attendees, the staff, and even our guests. Every ConVocation relies upon our volunteers to accomplish the vital tasks that go into every day of the event. From helping people with their registration to laying out a tasty dish in the Hospitality Suite, there are always more jobs than we have hands.

In return you'll earn credit towards reimbursement of your registration fee.

Volunteer shifts are 2 hours long, and 4 shifts will earn reimbursement for a pre-registration fee, while it will take 5 shifts for at-the-door reimbursement. Anything short of that earns $15 reimbursement per shift.

You can sign up for volunteer shifts either at our Volunteer meeting in January or at the convention.

Here's what we need:

Volunteer Responsibilities

All Volunteers are responsible to:

  • Know when and where they are supposed to sign in for each shift.

  • Show up on time for every shift signed up for and stay until the completion of the shift, unless directed otherwise by ConStaff.

  • Notify the volunteer staff if you cannot perform specific duties.

  • Follow completely, to the best of their ability, all directives given them by ConStaff.

  • BE POLITE. While volunteering at ConVocation, you represent the con and the con staff.

  • Make sure their timesheet is completed and signed by their department head at the end of each shift.

  • Turn in their timesheet to Ops for refund during the hours listed on the Volunteer Contract.

Departmental Duties

All volunteers are responsible for the duties listed below as well as any duty their department head may assign.

  • Encourage guests to honor Con rules. Volunteers should notify their department head for support if the rules are not honored.

  • Notifying their department head of critical information as it becomes available and of completion of tasks

  • Must remain in the designated work areas and inform their department head of completed work, pending tasks and any needs prior to leaving their shift.

  • Security Volunteers:

  • Must be approved by the Head of Security

  • Must be able to stand at a post for their assigned two hour block.

  • May be able to walk to all ends of the hotel

  • Must be able to identify the different color badges and what they are for.

  • Must be able to pleasantly insist all guests have their badge displayed on their person and be willing to send their friends back to get theirs.

  • Must check guests for badges as they enter classes. Badges are required to enter any con space except the merchants room and art show.

  • Must report all incidents to the security head or second ASAP.

Volunteer Dept. Volunteers

  • Must be able to answer simple questions about the volunteer program.

  • May need to inspect the status of water and supplies in each classroom.

  • May be asked to be a courier, carrying information, food, photocopies, etc. to various points in the hotel.

  • May be asked to assist in resetting classrooms.

  • Must be familiar with the program book and schedule and open to attendee’s questions.

  • May be asked to change the schedule posted outside of the classrooms.

  • May be asked to relieve a security door guard, or art show staff for restroom breaks.

  • May be reassigned to another department in case of emergency.

Registration Volunteers

  • Will help guests fill out their registration forms.

  • Need to direct guests to the correct line for registration.

  • Will need to be able to file forms in alphabetic order.

  • Will hand out pre-registration packets and collect signatures.

  • Must be familiar with the program book and schedule and open to attendee’s questions.

  • May be called upon to be a courier, carrying information, food, photocopies, etc. to various points in the hotel.

Hospitality Volunteers

  • Must be clean and wear solid sole closed toe shoes at all times.

  • Must keep the suite clean, washing surfaces and any dishes, taking out the trash, and vacuuming.

  • Must prepare and set out food, beverages, and supplies for a given time using guidelines. This includes keeping hot coffee and possibly water for tea at all times. This may include the use of sharp knives and the ability to lift up to 30 lb.

  • Will prepare requested refreshments for transport to Ops, Art Show, and Merchant Room.

  • Must be familiar with the program book and schedule and open to attendee’s questions.

Load In and Load Out

  • Must be able to lift and/or carry heavy loads (in excess of 20 lbs)

  • Must be available before opening and after closing ceremonies, exact times to be determined.

  • May be asked to travel to other locations to load/unload the truck

  • Will be expected to work on loading and unloading ConVocation materials only. We are unable to provide assistance to merchants for loading and unloading. Volunteer must be able to pleasantly direct any such requests to the Merchant Chair.