ConVocation Rules & Policies


All attendees will observe all applicable laws. 

No illicit substances may be used on site.

Pursuant to state law, marijuana, medical or recreational, may not be smoked in public areas.

No public nudity.  Pursuant to the laws of the state of Michigan and the city of Detroit, public nudity is expressly forbidden in any public venue within convention space. This includes but is not limited to the classrooms, lobby, hallways, or smoking area.  Acceptable clothing must completely cover sensative areas.

Due to health and safety regulations and concerns, it is the policy of MEC that feet must be covered (shoes, slippers, or socks) in all public spaces.

No firearms are allowed in any convention space, regardless of status of personal license.

Ritual blades must be sheathed, peace-bonded, and visible while carried to and from rituals. Blades are not to be used or worn outside of ritual.

Pursuant to Michigan Law, smoking is not allowed in the public areas of the hotel or in ANY private room. Smoking and vaping is allowed outside only.

ConVocation badges are required to attend all convention events except the Merchant Room, Art Show, Reader's Room, and Chalice Well.

All Minors (17 and under) must have a parent or legal guardian attending (or have written consent to attend) that names the responsible adult who is registered and present. Minors, age 12 to 17, have a reduced rate and may attend appropriate classes by themselves between 9am and 10pm. After 10:00PM, a registered adult must accompany minors of any age. Children 11 and under are free, and must be accompanied at all times by an adult or minor age 12 to 17. 

ConVocation is an open event. Rituals and events held in public areas must be scheduled in advance, and open to all attendees unless otherwise stated in the schedule.

Service animals are welcome; please leave all other pets and familiars at home.

No prolonged drumming in public areas.

ConVocation reserves the right to deny entry to or remove from convention facilities any person who, in ConVocation’s sole and absolute discretion, is behaving or threatening to behave in a manner disruptive to the convention.

It is the policy of ConVocation and of MEC it that we do NOT issue refunds of registration fees. Special cases may be considered at the first Board meeting after ConVocation.

Anyone who has failed to pay a debt to MEC/ConVocation or any merchant during ConVocation shall be refused admittance to any MEC event until such debt is paid.

Our community is diverse. We do not discriminate against anyone on the basis of age, race, gender, religious tradition, sexual identity, or disability.

Acceptance of a class or merchandise does not constitute an endorsement by MEC/ConVocation.


Below you will find varying policies that the ConVocation staff will enforce during the event. These policies are meant to keep all of our attendees safe, as well as our staff and hotel. If you have any questions regarding any of these policies, please feel free to contact: .

Harassment Policy

Harassment is any behavior that intentionally threatens, alarms, or harms you or another person.