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Class Submission

Thank you for your interest in teaching at ConVocation 2019.  Your participation is pivotal in creating a diverse and informative event. If you are interested in becoming a teacher for ConVocation 2019 please fill out the back of this letter and return it by September 1, 2018. We will contact you by October 20, 2018 to confirm any classes we have been able to accept.    

The theme for 2019 is “Personal Growth Through Intentional Kindness.”  We will give preference to workshops, classes and discussions relating to our theme which will focus on kindness, expansion and diversity not only to those around us but to ourselves as well.  Our goal is to offer over 100 scheduled events, half of which are lecture/discussion based, the other half to include musical events, crafts, hands on practice and rituals.

Registration for one presenter will be reimbursed at a rate of $25.00 per 90-minute Adult Class or $35.00 per Kid’s Class. If a class is being submitted by Co-Presenters a maximum of  $25 total reimbursement will be offered per 90 minutes. The $25 reimbursement may not be split between more than 2 presenters. While we will not reimburse a presenter for more than the amount paid for their registration, teachers may credit family members or assistants with any reimbursement over their personal registration costs. Payment will be expected at the time you arrive at ConVocation for any teacher whose Pre-Registration costs exceed their reimbursement.

To submit an application you must complete BOTH forms below:  

https://convocation.org/forms/2019 Presenter Bio https://convocation.org/forms/2019 Class Submission