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Statement from the MEC board:

posted Jun 14, 2020, 7:41 PM by Web Master

After further reflection upon our previous statement we (the MEC board) have realized that we were not sufficiently clear on where MEC stands. MEC can not and will not tolerate racism of any kind, explicit or implicit. We stand with and support the fight to end injustice and systemic racism.

In the recent statement MEC posted, we focused on the actions MEC has committed to in continuing to educate and better ourselves and our community.  We hear and acknowledge that in making that our focus we buried and undervalued the trauma and the severity of the issues faced by people of color and the importance of Black Lives Matter and related movements.  This was not our intention. We Apologize.

The violence, bigotry and disenfranchisement that people of color have to face and have been facing for centuries cannot be allowed to continue.  MEC will continue to strive to meet the goal of eradication of these plagues on our society and in our communities.

Hatred and intolerance have no shelter within our community or at our events and therefore must be actively uprooted. Racists and bigots of all stripes can stay home, they will not be welcome among us.