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Class Submission Deadline

posted Aug 9, 2019, 7:16 AM by Andrew Robinson
The Class Submission Deadline is Fast Approaching! Deadline is September 1st - get your submissions in ASAP before the time slips away. :)
Psst... don't forget to include a Teacher Bio (you only need do this part once per year)

A reminder on the theme: For 2020 our theme will be based on the Tree of Life sephiroth Gevurah. Our theme is “Through Our Wrath We All Face Judgement.” In Binah, we learned that we must use understanding, in Chesed we worked towards compassion and loving-kindness. With Gevurah, we must recognize that there is a benefit to embracing our wrath and accepting the fact, that not only do we judge others, but ultimately we all must face judgment.

Gevurah is the rule of law that brings order to the world. Justice allows us to overcome all forms of adversaries, from outside and within. Gevurah itself deserves fear and respect as violence is ingrained in its ideal. We may dream of an ideal utopia, but ultimately, in order to succeed in life, we must learn to accept and embrace the often hostile world around us. Learning to work with or through our wrath and anger teaches us how to overcome adversity.