Masquerade Ball with TommyToony & Th'Elf! 

Strut your stuff while you show a different face, from Halloween costumes to Mardi Gras attire to full blown ritual regalia, come down and dance the night away. In addition there will be a costume contest with great prizes!

For those of you who are preparing Masquerade Ball costumes, there are two different categories in which prizes will be awarded.
  • Adult:
    • Best Theme costume
    • Best Male costume
    • Best Female costume
    • Best Humor-based costume
  • Children:
    • Best Boy’s costume
    • Best Girl’s costume
Adult Masquerade Ball
Judging will happen in the dance between 9:30 pm and 10 pm.  Announcement of winners will happen around 10:30 pm.  All attendees must wear beach-legal attire.
Kids Masquerade Ball
Judging will happen in the dance between 8:30 pm and 8:45 pm, announcement of winners will happen soon after.  Adult music selection begins at 9 pm.  Red and yellow badges, i.e. minors, are welcome in the dance after 10 pm if accompanied by an adult.

DJ Tommytoony

Thomas Downey (aka Dr Toon, aka DJ Tommytoony) has been a professional DJ for over 20 years, playing at ConVocation's masquerade ball for over 10, and been a music junkie all of his life. He's the father of two beautiful children; Sean and Isabella. He spends his free time listening to his vinyl collection (and hunting for more), and writing the Next Chapter (whatever that may be). 

Th'Elf talks a lot, listens a lot, shares a lot, drinks a fair bit and does the music thing fairly often. Currently a Canadian this solitaire, DJ, dinogoth and otherkin has wandered all over and poked his nose into many things all while generally stylishly attired. He's not published though he has been tempted. He has wandered the communities for decades and still hasn't really settled down, but he has learned some very interesting things on his quest to know everything about something.