2020 Guests of Honor

Kerr Cuhulain

Kerr CuhulainKerr Cuhulain is a retired police detective/dispatcher who has been a Wiccan for 50 years and was involved in anti-defamation activism and hate crimes investigation for the Pagan community for decades. Kerr was awarded the Shield of Valour by the Witches League for Public Awareness.

Kerr is the author of the Law Enforcement Guide to Wicca, Witch Hunts,, Wiccan Warrior, Full Contact Magick, Magickal Self Defense, Pagan Religions: A Handbook for Diversity Training, Modern Knighthood, How to Be Glorious: Step by Step Empowerment, Stand Like a Tree: Mastering the Movement of Energy, and The Wizard: The Story of the First Wiccan Cop to go Public About His Pagan Beliefs. Kerr is the co author of a safety book for social workers and nurses: Safe Approach. Kerr is also the author of Ancient Recipes for Modern Kitchens, a cookbook of ancient recipes. He writes sword and sorcery fantasy fiction as C.A. Ennis and paranormal romance as Carrie Bryce. He is the host/writer of five seasons of the Eastlink/Coast Cable community TV show on astronomy called Night Lights, has appeared on APTN’s Coyote Science TV show for First Nations youth, and is writer/host of a BravoFACTUAL documentary, Starry Nights, directed by Wiccan priestess Dodie Graham-McKay.

Kerr is the former Preceptor General of Officers of Avalon, an organization representing Neo-Pagan professionals in the emergency services (police, firefighters, emergency medical technicians). Kerr is the founder of a Wiccan order of Knighthood called the Order of Paladins. In December 2014 Kerr was accepted at a faculty member of Amber K’s Ardantane School of Magick.

Kerr is currently the National 2nd Vice President of the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada and the RASC’s Special Publications Editor. The RASC has just published his books Building a Small Observatory: Lessons for Builders and Solar Observer’s Handbook.

Order of Paladins website

Diana L. Paxson

DIANA L. PAXSON is an author, priestess and teacher. She is an Elder in the Covenant of the Goddess and in the Troth, an international heathen organization. Her non-fiction books include Taking up the Runes, Essential Asatru, Trance-Portation and a new book on Odin. She has also written on Oracle and Possessory practice.  She is also known for her numerous mythic short stories and novels. Her book on political magic, Carrying a Torch for Liberty, American Symbols, American Identity, will be published this year.

Dame Wilburn
Dame Wilburn
Dame Wilburn is a witch and storyteller. She has taught magickal philosophy in and around southeastern Michigan for over 20 years. Dame believes bios are, by their very nature, pointless.