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Photography F.A.Q.

•  Who is that guy with the camera and why is he taking pictures?

That is me, Patrick Monagin (AKA Skysinger), the official photographer for ConVocation. I am taking photographs for MEC to document all the fun and good times we are having.

•  But I don't want my picture taken!

Tell me and I won't take your picture. When I review all my photographs, if I find you in the background I will crop or blur you out before turning the final images over to MEC. If I have taken a picture of you prior to (or after) learning you don't want your picture taken, I will delete the image.

•  What are you going to do with the pictures?

All images (except those described above) will be turned over to the MEC Board. If they so decide, some pictures will be put on the website at www.convocation.org . If you sign a release, it is possible your image may be used in promotional materials for ConVocation (fliers, etc.). I may also put images I am pleased with up on Flickr ( www.flickr.com – a really cool photo sharing service).

•  Can I get prints?

Yes – ask me about pricing. I have a photo printer here at the hotel. I will need to know your badge number, the photo you want, and you will need to sign the release so that I can get your prints to you before ConVocation is over. You can also order prints from http://skysingerenterprises.com/gallery/7743051_PLmhx

•  Will you be photographing rituals?

Only by prior arrangement with whoever is putting on the ritual. Some like to have their rituals photographed, most prefer not.

•  I am putting on a ritual – will you photograph it?

Yes – if I am available. The final arbiters of where I am to be are the Con Chair and Ops.

•  What about room parties?

I will be visiting the parties I learn about on a casual basis. As above I will not take pictures of those who do not wish – but if I hear of your party I will try to visit and ask to take a couple of photos.

•  I'm here with a bunch of friends (my coven, grove, kindred, etc) – can we get a group photo?

Most likely – let me know and we can work out a time when everyone involved is available.